Staging Faith- Family play

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Staging faith production.

Fabulous night of fun supporting children and young people from various different churches in mid Hampshire. The play is called Vincent, suitable for all ages and is about kindness in action.

Obtainable from CFMC Dovetail Coffee Shop, One Community, Eastleigh Museum and/or Joanna or ring: 07437 440299



About this drama project.
The curtain is to go up for the first time at the end of May for a new and exciting drama group for young people in school year 4 and above. This new group, fund raising for One Community will introduce all interested young people to the joy of putting a show together through their creative and their technical abilities.

As the name suggests, STAGING FAITH, is about putting faith on a stage. Young people don’t find it easy to connect with faith in conventional ways. Some “adults” don’t either! Some parents take their children to church and introduce them to communities, rituals and processes but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they understand or want to be there.

Enter Stage Left…..STAGING FAITH is offering the opportunity to share stories from the most famous book in the world (other than Harry Potter!) written for the stage in a modern and relevant or current way.

STAGING FAITH creates better friendships…..existing and new, the chance to display talent and try out new ways to express individual personalities, the opportunity to put together a show with like-minded people who together are working towards a common goal, the ability to allow the more confident to encourage the less able, a safe environment in which to learn together and share ideas…..and so much more. Uniquely, the initiative also allows for personal growth for young people who may suffer with anxiety or dyslexia, shyness or being “lost under the radar” because STAGING FAITH is all inclusive. Everyone is welcome and no-one is turned away.

Most importantly, the cast and crew are encouraged to interact with the script and the delivery. They don’t only get given direction but are encouraged to add their own ideas and/or change what they have been given as a starting point. As Director, Jo learns from them also and quite often she needs their input more than they need hers!

This production
The first show is not to be missed with two evenings to choose from, show casing cast and crew from Chandlers Ford, Bishopstoke and Fair Oak. The organisers have high hopes that STAGING FAITH will not only help these youngsters to learn more about Christian stories in the Bible but also to learn about other faiths and beliefs as is brings together people from many different communities.

This initiative has been made possible through the generosity of Chandlers Ford Methodist Church with whom Jo and the organisers hope to raise awareness for a large part of many peoples’ lives. Also to give young people a creative outlet in which to explore and connect with the basic ethos of human kindness and acceptance of all types of people who form the communities in which we live.